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Welcome to The Kids' Storytelling Club!
We've made a lot of changes, and added a brand new
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Become a Storyteller

How do you become a STORYTELLER?
How do you get to be a BETTER STORYTELLER?
How do you become the BEST STORYTELLER?
           The only way to become a storyteller is to tell stories. The way to become a better storyteller is to learn new storytelling skills. And the way to become the best storyteller is to develop your own storytelling techniques.
            The best way to do all this is to explore many different kinds of storytelling. Find out which things are most fun for you.
            Visit the Activities Page to discover the many places where you can tell stories. Then jump to the Create Page to get ideas for selecting or creating your own tales. Then stop at the Crafts Page to learn about all the fun “story helpers” that can make your storytelling the most fun.
             To find a storytelling project, with a story, craft, and activity, that you can do right now, stop in at the ClubRoom Page to learn about telling a Story Sprite Story with Storytellling Cards.
            To find out what's on all the pages, visit the Welcome Page.

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