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You’re at the right place for youth storytelling tips, ideas, crafts, and advice. Storycraft Publishing is a narrow niche independent publisher of juvenile literature specializing in storytelling instruction, bright fantasy and fiction, and youth crafts. About Us

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Hat DragonsStorycraft Publishing produces and sponsors a kid-safe website for boys and girls to learn to be KidTellers. The Welcome Page tells what’s on each page. Visit the Create Page, Crafts Page, and Activities Page for ideas on creating your own stories, “story helpers,” and fun places to tell stories. On the ClubRoom Page you can find a complete storytelling project with story, craft, and activity that you can do right now. This month learn how to tell a Beginning-to-Tell Story and make an easy puppet to use with it. The NEW Bookstore Page  lists all Storycraft publications, and now allows you to buy the print and e-books from this page. The About Us Page has reviews and information. Click on the dragon picture above to visit the Kids' Storytelling Club now.

Help Kids Become Storytellers

Storytelling should be FUN! Kids learn best when they are having FUN!

And there are so many fun ways to gather storytelling skills. From folding a tiny magic storytelling box while riding in a car…to creating a simple marionette or topsy-turvy doll in an afterschool class…to dressing up in costume for a parents’ night performance, storytelling can be lots and lots of fun.

The only thing most young storytellers need is an older person, a teen, parent, youth group leader, teacher, or neighbor to encourage them to try new things, explore the whole field of storytelling to discover their best talents.

Storycraft provides ideas on how to get started, easy beginning stories, turning toys and hobbies into tales, creating story helpers, and getting your audience involved…to name just a few.

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 There's an ONLINE BOOKSTORE on The Kids' Storytelling Club website where you can purchase all of Storycraft's print books and downloadable e-books.

A NEW CLUB ROOM Topic! Tell a Beginning-to-Tell
 Story with an Easy-to-Make Puppet.
Learn about the mini-ghost in time for Halloween.

     An Afternoon at Fantasy Fair, by Barbara Dubrovin
     In this downloadable e-book, Barbara Dubrovin shares behind the scenes information from Fantasy Fair and gives suggestions for creating fantasies from your experiences.

     Discover Bright Fantasy: And Begin Telling Your Own Stories, by Barbara and Vivian Dubrovin 
     This e-book contains storytelling crafts, patterns, and tips for creating and telling your own Bright Fantasy stories. It has won a bronze medal in the 2015 Moonbeam Children's Book Awards.   

To view a slide show with information and sample pages from this award winning book, click here.

Junior Storyteller

Back issues of this popular quarterly activity guide (published from 1994 – 2010) are still available. Click on the picture above to discover which issues are available.


Book # 2, Family Stories by Vivian Dubrovin, illustrated by Barbara Dubrovin, is now available in this KidTellers Series of Downloadable Booklets.

Book #1, Buy Easy Beginner Tales at Kindle Bookstore. Click on picture above for more information on the series. 

Vivian Dubrovin is the editor of Storycraft books, The Kids’ Storytelling Club website, the KidTeller downloadable booklets, and the new blog page. Click here for Vivian’s Biography Contact Vivian at

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