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Here in the Kids' Storytelling Club Activity Room you'll find ideas for how and where you can tell stories. And you'll also find instructions for our featured storytelling activity. So, are you ready to start some activities? Jump in! Let's have some storytelling fun!

Storytelling Activity Ideas

If You Want To Be a Storyteller,
You Must Tell Stories

But, WHERE can kids tell stories? WHAT stories can you tell? And HOW?

There are storytelling opportunities in many places today. Some are part of your everyday activities. Some are special activities. Others are opportunities you will create just for you.

In Classroom and Library Programs
Not all storyteller stories are fiction. Some are true stories. In your classroom projects you may have a chance to explore true stories. Many school programs focus on local history, math, or science. Some school storytelling programs have holiday themes. School and library programs often begin with a professional storyteller. Then you may work with that person, your teacher, or librarian to create a storytelling concert. You'll have a chance to read your favorite kind of stories (mysteries, science fiction, fantasy, or other genres) as you find ideas for stories to tell.

At Group Meetings and Heritage Programs
In schools, churches, youth groups, Scouts, Camp Fire, 4-H clubs, and Storytelling Clubs, boys and girls sometimes explore their heritage, share legends, myths, customs, and even some family experience stories in a storytelling concert.

Picture of storytelling doll.
Storytelling Doll
© Vivian Dubrovin
Picture of snowman.
Winter Activities
© B. Dubrovin

At Family Gatherings
Family gatherings at holidays, birthdays, or other celebrations are good times for family stories. Look for tales about family history, hobbies, talents, careers and jobs, health or accidents.

With Family or Friends At Cookouts and Campouts
Did you ever sit around a campfire, and toast marshmallows? When the sun went down and the stars came out, did you tell stories? Some camps have their own legends or camp history. Nature stories about local animals and plants are popular at camps. Scary Stories and Trickster tales are also often successful. Or, perhaps, you can create a camp craft and tell a story about it. With a simple craft of pictures on rocks you can tell tabletop tales. Camping is a good chance to get away from technology, to tell old-school style such as shadow stories on a tent wall, but if you want to use phones, images can help show a story as you tell to a small audience.

Family picnic.
Storytelling with Rock Art
© B. Dubrovin

Picture of slumber party.
Storytelling with a Marionette
© B. Dubrovin

With Friends At Slumber Parties
Slumber parties are a great place to tell sharing stories, group stories, or demonstration stories. The audience is small and can gather around the storyteller, making it fun to do craft tales. Or tell with a small doll, or marionette.

While Babysitting
Storytelling can be a magic tool to get kids to do what they need to do, such as pick up toys, eat their meal, or take a nap. And, it can make you one of the most popular babysitters.

Teddy Bear.
Teddy Bear
© B. Dubrovin

Special Note About Activities:
You can learn more about rock art storytelling, storytelling marionettes, and the storytelling doll in Storytelling Discoveries. And for more ideas of how to find or create places to tell stories, look in Storytelling For the Fun of It. Both are available in our Bookstore.

Featured Activity:
CLICK or TAP HERE for a storytelling activity in our featured club project.

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