Birthday Lights

 Bright Stories to Spark Your Imagination


by Barbara and Vivian Dubrovin

Iillustrated by Barbara Dubrovin
















Series Description:


StoryQuest Books are collections of stories for 12-15 year-olds to help inspire you to discover and create stories from your own life experiences. To write stores, first, read stories! Just as scientists and inventors read reports before experimenting or creating, storytellers also investigate before creating. Such StoryQuests can not only inspire story ideas but can also help you solve creative stumbling blocks by providing many options and patterns of complete short stories. They are not intended as perfect forms to analyze or copy; instead of rules of what must be done, examples show various possibilities to help you imagine your own unique stories. StoryQuest Books provide convenient samplings of the types of tales that might be found on a full StoryQuest, as a way to get started on such a creative journey, with tips of where to go next.




E-book Description:


In Birthday Lights, the first book of the StoryQuest Books Series, unique new stories are combined with adaptations of a few favorites to create a sampling of birthday-themed adventures of a variety of lengths and styles. Birthdays are a great way to start StoryQuesting because the familiar theme can provide many easy jumping-off points to discover similar tales from your life. Subjects range from the familiar—parties, gifts, and wishes—to the unexpected—unicorns and robots! Some stories, short and snappy, provide quick inspirations and are easy for younger readers. Others weave more complicated tales, for times when you want to curl up for a comfortable thoughtful hour of uplifting bright fiction. Read in any order, start with ones that interest you most, save others for later. At the end, find tips how to discover your own stories and where to go next to continue your birthday StoryQuest. Whether used to help celebrate a birthday, or as a creative aid, Birthday Lights will help shine a light on the many marvelous stories waiting hidden in your own life.


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