Create your ownStorytelling Stories Create Your Own STORYTELLING STORIES: by Vivian Dubrovin, Storycraft, 1995. ISBN-13: 978-0-9638339-1-4 or ISBN-10: 0-9638339-1-X. This book helps kids turn events in their lives into performance telling tales. Includes chapters on finding props, customizing tales, publicity, and much more.
Mary Clare Wickins, Acquisitions Librarian, Dayton Memorial Library, Regis University in Colorado Libraries, Volume 24, #1, Spring, 1998
"Long ago, when dragonfolk went in search of magic story dust, the ancients gave them a pencil and told them to write on their way home! So begins a journey into finding the stories within.

"Young people are shown how to take ordinary life events, dress them in dramatic narrative, and transform them into well-told tales. This handbook shows how to uncover story ideas, create characters, map out plot, and present a finished product to various audiences. Each lesson concludes with suggested activities followed by a sample notebook entry. Bobbi Shupe's black and white dragon illustrations attractively decorate the text. This is a book to be used in creative writing and drama classes as well as storytelling workshops with young people ages eight to twelve. The uniqueness of its focus is in the composition of original stories rather than the presentation of traditional story fare.

"The book is as much a storytelling as a storymaking guide."

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