Tradin' Tales


Tradin' Tales With Grandpa: A Kid's Guide for Intergenerational Storytelling, by Vivian Dubrovin (ISBN-13: #978-0-9638339-4-5). $15.95 

What Reviewers Say About This Book
Tradin’ Tales With Grandpa: A Kid’s Guide for Intergenerational Storytelling introduces boys and girls, ages 9-12 to how they can give a story to get a story from their parents and grandparents. Young storytellers learn how to create “Junk Mail” stories from unwanted catalogs, explore their family’s second language to tell bilingual tandem tales, make a storytelling apron that turns their 18-inch doll into a storytelling doll, and design memory book pages that can be used for sharing personal experience stories. Tradin’ Tales With Grandpa is fun and effective, and has the added benefit of strengthening multi-generational family bonds based on the sharing of experiences, ideas, and imagination.  
Children’s Bookwatch, June, 2000

Named a resource of special distinction in 2001 Pegasus Awards

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