An Afternoon at Fantasy Fair
Discovering the Fun of Bright Fantasy Storytelling

by Barbara Dubrovin

ISBN: 978-0-9638339-8-3

  Enjoy a Short Visit to Fantasy Fair
     in our new e-book

Looking for a brief pleasant escape that might spark your imagination? Have you wanted to be a storyteller and wondered how it’s done? In An Afternoon at Fantasy Fair discover the fun of Bright Fantasy storytelling! Come help a dragon to fly, quest for the Lost Key, and maneuver Balloon plants. In addition to these three complete stories from Fantasy Fair: Bright Stories of Imagination, you can find a new original story to follow a sprite exploring Fantasy Story Realms. Then take a quick backstage tour to get a peek at how the stories were created and where they get their magic. And, pick up take-home tips to journey through fantasy realms and create your own tales. Illustrated with full-color pastel paintings, this book is as friendly and helpful as a personal visit from the author. With story examples, a list of fantasy realms as a guide, and tips to transform everyday into fantasy, in An Afternoon at Fantasy Fair you’ll be ready to discover the magic of storytelling.


In An Afternoon at Fantasy Fair

You’ll find stories like
“How High?”

“Have you ever watched a dandelion lifting off on the breeze like a tiny white balloon, and wished you could grab on and go for a ride, see where it went? Well, there are Balloon Plants that are not just carried by the breeze, but can be controlled and directed, not with levers or buttons or commands, but by imagination.”

And get behind-the scenes insights
“People often ask me where I get ideas for my stories. The answer: everywhere! … Sometimes ideas come from other stories or people, too. I received a forwarded e-mail with a brief, few-paragraph version of an old fable about a fellow who hangs his troubles on a tree before going into his house to be with his family, then picks up the trouble again in the morning only to find that there’s always less of it. I liked the message but immediately wondered about that poor tree, getting dumped on all the time. Does it fill up? Are there others? So “Mac and My Trouble Tree,” a Fantasy Fair reviewer’s favorite, was born. These four stories too, have tales to tell of how they came to be…”

And tips like these
“In Bright Fantasy, it isn’t a contest of good vs. evil, but overcoming a problem by learning and growing. It doesn’t need to be a tense life or death struggle to create a great story. Just create a beginning, middle, and end, a character with a problem and a solution. Have you ridden horses? Flying horses? Have you trained a dog? A dragon? Look for such fantasy possibilities in your everyday world, and your everyday life will start to seem very interesting! Then put real-world experience into your fantasies, and your stories will be interesting too.”

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